BeasyLogo.jpg The research carried out at the Institute has resulted in major advances in a variety of fields, none so prominent as the work on boundary elements.

Wessex Institute is associated with the invention of the Boundary Element Method through the pioneering work of the Institute’s founder and Director, Prof Carlos Brebbia. Many developments at the Institute have been incorporated in a general purpose computer simulation code called BEASY (Boundary Element Analysis System).
The BEASY software company continues to develop and maintain the code as a service to industry.

BEASY is now a well-established company with world-wide users.
It provides a valuable service to major industries such as aerospace, automotive, mechanical, offshore and naval, as well as specialized applications in fields such as biomedicine, electromagnetics and fracture mechanics amongst many others.

The success of BEASY has been rewarding for Wessex Institute, not only in terms of widening its contacts throughout the world, but also as a validation of the practical importance of the research work of the Institute. This awareness of industrial needs is key to the success of Wessex Institute. Further details about BEASY can be found at: