AFM 2020

13th International Conference on Advances in Fluid Mechanics


1–3 September 2020


AFM 2020

With the main objective to preserve our delegates’ wellbeing, but also with the belief that the scientific community should not be stopped, WIT decided that AFM 2020 should not take place as scheduled in Prague but take place as an online event instead.

The conference was organised by the Wessex Institute, UK and the University of A Coruna, Spain, represented by Professor Santiago Hernandez.

The conference, which started in New Orleans (1996), is well-established and always attracts a wide international spread of delegates. The conference covers a wide range of topics, including basic formulations and their computer modelling as well as the relationship between experimental and analytical results. The emphasis is on new applications and research currently in progress.

Opening of the Conference

The conference was opened by Prof Santiago Hernandez who welcomed the delegates to the event.

Invited Presentations

There were a series of invited lectures on advanced topics of research and applications, as follows:

  • A posteriori methods with automatic dissipation adjustment for the simulation of compressible flows”, presented by X. Nogueira, from the University of A Coruna, Spain.
  • Equilibrium of a journal bearing: a simplified CFD-Analytical coupled approach”, presented by F. Concli, from Free University of Bolzano, Italy.
  • Measurement and modeling of suspended sediment dynamics in watercourses”, presented by J. Kramer Stajnko, from the University of Maribor, Slovenia.
  • Transport of a single spherical particle in low Reynolds number linear shear flows: experiment and modelling”, presented by P. Vorobieff, from the University of New Mexico, USA.
  • Experimental study for wind energy harvesting based on the aeroelastic excitation of a semi-circular cylinder” presented F. Nieto, from the University of A Coruna, Spain

Conference Sessions

The papers presented during the conference were classified under the following headings:

  • Computational methods
  • Experimental and computational methods
  • Fluid-structure interaction

Conference Publication

Papers presented at this conference are published in Vol. 128 of the WIT Transactions on Engineering Sciences (ISSN 1743-3533). Papers presented at the meeting are available Open Access in the eLibrary of the Wessex Institute ( from where they can be freely downloaded by any interested parties.

A few papers were selected for publication in the International Journal of Computational Methods and Experimental Measurements, which provides the scientific community with a forum to present the interaction between the complementary aspects of computational methods and experimental measurements, and to stress the importance of their harmonious development and integration.

Closing of the Conference

We are very sorry that we were not able to meet our delegates in person this year.

WIT is aware that one of the benefits of the conferences is the networking among colleagues and the only reason for implementing this strategy is the exceptional circumstances created by the covid-19 crisis. Thus, to allow the authors to maintain that capability, delegates registered at AFM 2020 who had their paper accepted for publication, will be able to attend the next conference in the series (or a different conference of their choice devoted to similar topics that takes place prior to that) free of charge, and if they wish, make an oral presentation of their published paper.

We would like to thank the delegates for participating in the event and look forward to meeting them at the next conference in the series.

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