Sustainable Development and Planning 2022

12th International Conference on Sustainable Development and Planning

Post Conference Report

8–10 June 2022


Sustainable Development and Planning 2022

With the main objective to preserve our delegates’ wellbeing, but also with the belief that the international contacts among the scientific community should not be stopped, WIT decided that this conference should not take place as scheduled in Madrid, Spain, but take place as an online event instead.

The conference was organised by the Wessex Institute, UK, represented by Prof Juan Casares, a member of WIT Board of Directors.

The 12th International Conference on Sustainable Development and Planning built upon a series that started in 2003 in Skiathos, Greece. Planners, environmentalists, architects, engineers, policymakers and economists have to work together to ensure that planning and development can meet our present needs without compromising the ability of future generations. Problems related to development and planning, which affect rural and urban areas, are present in all regions of the world. Sustainable Development and Planning 2022 brought together academics, policymakers, practitioners and other stakeholders from across the globe to discuss the latest advances in the field. The conference discussed new academic findings and their application in planning and development strategies, assessment tools, and decision-making processes.

Opening of the Conference

The conference was opened by Prof Santiago Hernandez, Chief Academic Officer of WIT, who welcomed the delegates to the event.

Invited Speakers

There were a series of invited lectures on advanced topics of research and applications, as follows:

  • Proximity as design strategy for sustainable and inclusive urban public spaces
    by D. Longo, S.Orlandi, A. Boeri & B. Turillazzi

  • Adaptive places: achieving resilience, by facing risks
    by M. Sepe

  • Carrying capacity indicators in relation to a tourist destination. The case of the island of Paros, Greece.
    by D Prokopiou & B Tselentis

Conference Sessions

The papers presented during the conference were classified under the following headings:

  • Community and social planning
  • Climate change
  • Eco-architecture
  • Sustainable mobility
  • Regional planning
  • Sustainable development goals
  • Sustainability and the built environment
  • Sustainable solutions in emerging countries
  • Sustainable development indicators
  • Heritage conservation

Q&A Live Zoom Sessions

Conference delegates were invited to participate in three Q&A live zoom sessions which took place on 8th, 9th and 10th June 2022. These friendly sessions were a great opportunity for participants to interact with each other and put questions to authors about their papers.

Conference Publication

Papers presented at this conference are published in Volume 258 of the WIT Transactions on Ecology and the Environment (Electronic ISSN: 1743-3541). Papers presented at the meeting are available Open Access in the eLibrary of the Wessex Institute ( from where they can be freely downloaded by any interested parties.

Closing of the Conference

We are very sorry that we were not able to meet our delegates in person this time, but hope that we will be able to do so at a future event.