Risk Analysis 2020

12th International Conference on Risk Analysis and Hazard Mitigation


23–25 June 2020


Risk Analysis 2020

With the main objective to preserve our delegates’ well-being, but also with the belief that the scientific community should not be stopped, WIT decided that Risk Analysis 2020 should not take place as scheduled in Lisbon but take place as an online event instead.

The conference was organised by the Wessex Institute, UK, represented by Prof Stavros Syngellakis, and the University of Milano-Bicocca, Italy, represented by Prof Andrea Fabbri.

The conference, which started in Valencia, Spain (1998) is well-established and always attracts a wide international spread of delegates. The conference covers a series of important topics of current research interests and many practical applications. It is concerned with all aspects of risk analysis and hazard mitigation, associated with both natural and anthropogenic hazards.

Opening of the Conference

The conference was opened by Prof Andrea Frabbri who welcomed the delegates to the event.

Invited Presentations

Prof Andrea Fabbri, from the University of Milano-Bicocca, Italy gave the Keynote presentation
“Modelling aquifer vulnerability to nitrates under the assumption of varying spatial support of water well distribution” by A. G. Fabbri & A. Patera.

Dr Zhen-Gang Ji from the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, USA, gave the invited presentation “Accessing Oil-Spill Risk in Cook Inlet, Alaska” by Z-G. Ji, C. Smith & W. R. Johnson

Conference Sessions

The papers presented during the conference were classified under the following headings:

  • Vulnerability assessment
  • Risk analysis, assessment and management
  • Natural disasters
  • Disaster management
  • Engineering risk (construction and transportation)
  • Communication of risk
  • Economic risk
  • Risk in critical infrastructures
  • Fire planning
  • Risk management in the oil and gas industry
  • Hazard mitigation and assessment

Conference Publication

Papers presented at this conference are included in Vol. 129 of the WIT Transactions on Engineering Sciences (ISSN: 1743-3533). Papers presented at the meeting will be available Open Access in the eLibrary of the Wessex Institute (https://www.witpress.com/elibrary) from where they can be freely downloaded by any interested parties.

Closing of the Conference

We are very sorry that we were not able to meet our delegates in person this year.

WIT is aware that one of the benefits of the conferences is the networking among colleagues and the only reason for implementing this strategy is the exceptional circumstances created by the COVID-19 crisis. Thus, to allow the authors to maintain that capability, delegates registered at Risk Analysis 2020 which had their paper accepted for publication, will be able to attend the next conference in the series (or a different conference of their choice devoted to similar topics that takes place prior to that) free of charge, and if they wish, make an oral presentation of their published paper.

We would like to thank the delegates for participating in the event and look forward to meeting them at the next conference in the series.

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