Multiphase Flow 2019

10th International Conference on Computational and Experimental Methods in Multiphase and Complex Flow


21–23 May 2019
Lisbon, Portugal


Multiphase Flow 2019

The 10th International Conference on Computational and Experimental Methods in Multiphase and Complex Flow took place in Lisbon, Portugal from 21st to 23rd May 2019. The Conference was organised by the Wessex Institute, UK, represented by Santiago Hernandez, and the University of New Mexico, represented by Professor Peter Vorobieff.

The conference, which started in Orlando Florida, USA in 2001, is well-established and always attracts a wide international spread of delegates. The overall focus of this conference series is on using synergies between experimental and computational techniques to gain a better understanding of all classes of multiphase and complex flow. The meeting aims to facilitate the exchange of ideas and experiences directly and interactively, thereby promoting the development of knowledge in this increasingly important field.

Opening of the Conference

The conference was opened by Santiago Hernandez who welcomed the delegates to the conference, before paying tribute to the founder of the Wessex Institute, the late Prof Carlos A Brebbia.

Professor Hernandez then mentioned that the main object of WIT is the dissemination of knowledge, with particular emphasis on science and engineering. Another way in which this is achieved is by the publication of papers from conferences and Journals, through its publishing arm, WIT Press.

Professor Peter Vorobieff of the University of New Mexico, Conference Co-Chair, welcomed the delegates to the Hotel Tryp Lisboa Oriente. The conference hotel itself is in the area of Lisbon called the Parque das Nações, a redeveloped area of Lisbon on the Tagus River, which was built in preparation for the Expo ‘98.

He then gave his Keynote presentation entitled “Formation of a falling particle curtain”.

Invited Presentations

There were a series of invited lectures on advanced topics of research and applications, as follows:

  • “Drag of shock-accelerated microparticles”, by Dr Katherine Prestridge, Los Alamos National Laboratory, United States.
  • “Experimental study of the interfacial waves produced in upward vertical annular flows when varying the liquid-phase surface tension”, by Professor Jose Luis Munoz-Cobo, Polytechnic University of Valencia, Spain.
  • “Influence of the orifice shape on mass flow measurements of an air-water mixture”, by Professor Mariusz Rzasa, Opole University, Poland.
  • “Mass transfer through free surfaces boundary layers using a statistical approach” by Professor Harry E Schulz, University of Sao Paulo, Brazil.
  • “First wholly-analytical gas volume fraction model for virtual multiphase flow metering petroleum industry applications” by Dr Anand Nagoo, Nagoo Associates, United States.
  • “CFD and experimental studies on capture of fine particles by liquid droplets in open spray towers”, by Dr Nabil Rafidi, G E Power, Sweden
  •  “Swelling during pyrolysis of fiber-resin composites when heated above normal operating temperatures” by Dr Brent Houchens, Sandia National Laboratories, United States
  •  “Validation and application for planing craft GPPH”, by Dr Minyee Jiang, US Navy, United States.

Conference Sessions

The papers presented during the conference were classified under the following headings:

  • Experimental Measurements (two sessions)
  • Numerical Methods (two sessions)
  • Multiphase Flows (three sessions)
  • Flow Structures
  • Mixed experimental and numerical approaches
  • Flows in porous media

There were numerous occasions for holding informal discussions during the coffee breaks and the complimentary lunches provided.

Conference Publication

Papers presented at this conference will appear in Vol. 123 of the WIT Transactions on Engineering Sciences (ISSN: 1743-3533). Papers presented at the meeting will be available Open Access in the eLibrary of the Wessex Institute ( from where they can be freely downloaded by any interested parties.

A few papers were selected for publication in the International Journal of Computational Methods and Experimental Measurements. This journal reviews the latest work in computational methods and experimental measurements, with a view to achieving harmonious development and interaction between the two. Other suitable papers were selected instead for inclusion in the International Journal of Energy Production and Management. This Journal act as an interdisciplinary forum for researchers and practitioners from around the globe working on a wide variety of topics related to the future of energy production and management in a changing world.

ISAC Dinner

The meeting of the International Scientific Advisory Committee (ISAC) of the Conference took place over dinner in a private room at the Hotel Lisboa Oriente where the participants enjoyed a meal while discussing the evolution of the conference. Members of the committee were also encouraged to inform WIT of any suggestions for new topics to the conference.

Conference Dinner

The Conference dinner took place at the Restaurante Casa do Leão which is in a truly stunning location. The Castelo de S. Jorge, conquered by King Afonso Henriques from the Moors is the castle which looks over the whole of Lisbon. Casa do Leão offers a spectacular view over Lisbon which can be enjoyed during lunch or dinner, in a historic environment providing the best of traditional Portuguese cuisine. Following a starter of cream of mushroom soup, the main course of tender confit of duck was enjoyed by all, with a delicious cheesecake to conclude and coffee afterwards. The evening included a walk around the old parts of Lisbon where the narrow, steep cobbled streets were particularly challenging. The whole evening was appreciated by the participants.

Closing of the Conference

The conference was closed by Professor Santiago Hernandez and Co Chair Professor Peter Vorobieff who thanked the delegates for attending and hoped that they would consider attending the next conference in the series which is due to be reconvened in 2021.

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