DATA 2013   

1st International Conference on Data Management and Security: Applications in Medicine, Sciences and Engineering


7 - 9 May 2013
Elche, Alicante, Spain


Data 2013

The first International Conference on Data Management and Security with applications in Medicine, Science and Engineering, took place in Elche, Spain, organised by the University Miguel Hernandez, represented by Prof Alejandro Rabasa, and the Wessex Institute of Technology, represented by Prof Carlos A. Brebbia.

In the last few years, computer sciences have undergone a dramatic, exciting change. Society has moved from an environment characterised by a lack of information to one with a rapidly changing scenario, where the problem is the excessive amount of data available. This growth in the volume of data and information is partly due to the explosion in the use of the Web and social networks, but mainly because of the realisation that well-managed data is the most valuable asset of any company, department or institution.

The Conference dealt with a wide variety of applications to Data Management, from the decisive aspect of data security to data processing methods; data storage and representation were also covered.

Carlos A. Brebbia welcomed the delegates, explaining that the conference has been the result of several discussions that took place between the Miguel Hernandez University and the Wessex Institute, three years ago during a meeting in Alicante. It took time and effort to coordinate the different activities which resulted in the success of Data/2013. This type of collaboration, Carlos explained, is typical of the work of WIT, which is dedicated to the dissemination of knowledge.

Delegates at the Conference
In addition to its other activities, WIT also produces 50 or so books per annum, half of them resulting from conferences, while the others are state of the art in different disciplines.

The application of the research carried out at WIT has many benefits in engineering and sciences. Recent work has concentrated on the solution of problems related to the energy industry, using a computational tool developed at the Institute, ie the Boundary Element Method.

WIT has numerous links with other institutions around the world – Carlos said - and is proud to be associated with the Miguel Hernandez University in this event.

Carlos concluded by thanking the delegates for coming to Elche and for participating in the Meeting. He said he hoped they would continue to participate in other WIT initiatives. It is important for all our colleagues to understand the work done at WIT and hoped that some of them will visit the WIT Campus next time they are in the region.
Prof. A Rabasa

Prof Alejandro Rabasa welcomed the delegates in the name of his University, explaining that although a new institution, Miguel Hernandez University is now internationally recognised in a series of areas, including Data Management.

He also hoped the delegates would have a chance to see more of Elche which is a very historical town, important during the Arab era, from where the famous palm gardens are dated. These are now protected and recognised by UNESCO as a patrimony of the humanity site. Another reminder of that era are the Arab baths as well as other archaeological sites and until recently, the irrigation system which is still in use.

Elche is renowned for the annual festival related to the Ascension of the Virgin Mary. This is a Medieval play which has survived until the present day due to the commitment of the population. The centre of the celebration is Santa Maria Church, which relies on a complex medieval system of ropes and pulleys, required to enact the play.

 Keynote Addresses

The Conference sessions comprised a variety of topics and were enhanced by several keynote addresses, as follows:

  • “A construction of MDS array codes” by J-J Climent, University of Alicante, Spain
  • “A poor man’s air control system for ultralight aviation based on GPS data and G3 mobile communications” by A Bia, University Miguel Hernandez, Spain
  • “Blood flow simulations in patient-specific coronary bypass grafts” by S Bernad, Romanian Academy, Romania
  • “Traffic matrix estimation using the Levenberg-Marquardt neural network of a large IP system” by S Mekaoui, University of Science and Technology, Algeria
  • “Data management for an anaesthesiology department optimization” by A Rabasa, University Miguel Hernandez, Spain
  • “Heat transfer analysis in the human abdomen with a focus upon correlation between the amount of visceral fat and skin temperature” by K Shimano, Tokyo City University, Japan

 Social Events 

Guided tour of Elche
The Conference was characterised by a friendly atmosphere and constant interaction among the delegates during the coffee breaks, joint lunches and other events.

A special guided city tour was organised at the end of the first day’s sessions to acquaint the participants with the history of Elche. During its Arab period, a complex irrigation system which was constructed which was operational until recently to support the palm plantations which are still a source of pride for the city. The Arabic influence is evident in a few surviving buildings and in the fortifications. Elche is also famous for the Mystery play performed in the Basilica of Santa Maria. This depicts the Ascension of the Virgin Mary to heaven, and lasts for two days. The high point is when a young boy representing an angel descends from the Church dome, singing praises to the Virgin. The whole town participates in this play which dates back to the Middle Ages. The town is also renowned for the series of archaeological finds, including the outstanding bust of the Dame of Elche, an Iberian statue depicting a richly adorned lady with an elaborate hair style. Many other sites of interest are dotted around town, including an Arabic bath-house and outstanding Paleontology and Archaeology Museums.

 Technical Visit

Airport Visit
A technical visit was organised to the Data Processing Centre of Alicante Airport, where members of staff responsible for running the Centre explained specific aspects of the operation of the communications network and security methodology implemented on the databases. They described the main database structure and the organisation of the different clusters, as well as other topics of interest to the conference participants.

The tour included and explanation of the way that the powerful computer system works, the handling of the security cameras and the fully automated luggage distribution system, one of the most advanced in the world.

The delegates were taken by coach to and from the Airport where they were offered lunch before the visit.

 Conference Dinner

Conference Dinner
The Conference dinner took place in an excellent restaurant with good local dishes and Alicante wines. The restaurant is family owned and they are closely associated with the Mystery of Elche, the old medieval play that takes place on August 15th, the day of the Ascension of the Virgin Mary to heaven. The whole of Elche participates in the Play and it is a great honour for any family to be involved in the celebrations.

A video was played over dinner, showing the Ceremony and at the end, two of the main singers, a tenor and a baritone, offered parts of pieces performed at different stages of the Play. The tenor – son of the Restaurant owner, started at a young age singing the role of the Virgin Mary. The delegates felt that they were able to partake in the life of Elche and appreciated this performance which helped them to better understand an important part of the local culture.

 Closing of the Conference

The Conference was very successful in terms of new contacts and lively discussions.

Carlos closed the Meeting by thanking the delegates for coming to Elche to participate in Data 2013. He hoped they experienced a unique part of Spanish culture, different from the one usually associated with the country. “Spain”, Carlos said “is one of the richest countries in Europe in terms of diversity and this is reflected in events such as the Mystery of Elche, that has survived through the centuries because of the commitment of the whole community”.

 Conference Proceedings

The proceedings of DATA 2013 - Data Management and Security, 264pp (Print ISBN: 978-1-84564-708-7; eISBN: 978-1-84564-709-4) are available from WIT Press. Orders can be placed on the WIT Press web site at or by email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., telephone: +44 (0) 238 029 3223 or fax: +44 (0) 238 029 2853.

Papers from the conference will also be hosted online at the WIT eLibrary as Volume 45 of WIT Transactions on Information and Communication Technologies (ISSN: 1746-4463, Digital ISSN 1743-3517). For more details visit the WIT eLibrary at

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