The 16th International Conference on Railway Engineering Design and Operation (COMPRAIL 2018), is the latest in a series of very successful meetings which started in Frankfurt in 1987 and continued in Rome (1990); Washington (1992); Madrid (1994); Berlin (1996); Lisbon (1998); Bologna (2000); Lemnos (2002); Dresden (2004); Prague (2006); Toledo (2008); Beijing (2010); the New Forest, home of the Wessex Institute (2012) ; Rome in 2014 and Madrid (2016).

The meeting is organised by the Wessex Institute and sponsored by WIT Transactions on the Built Environment, the International Journal of Sustainable Development and Planning and the International Journal of Transport Development and Integration.

The Conference aims to update the use of advanced systems, promoting their general awareness throughout the management, design, manufacture and operation of railways and other emerging passenger, freight and transit systems. It emphasises the use of computer systems in advanced railway engineering.

The meeting attracts a variety of specialists interested in the development of railways, including managers, consultants, railway engineers, designers of advanced train control systems and computer specialists. It provides a forum for researchers, academics and practitioners involved in railway engineering to present and discuss the latest developments.

Since 1993 all published papers are permanently archived in the Wessex Institute eLibrary (, where they are freely available to the international community.

Conference Topics

The following list covers some of the topics to be presented at COMPRAIL 2018. Papers on other subjects related to the objectives of the conference are also welcome.

  • Advanced train control
  • Operations quality
  • Risk management
  • Planning and policy
  • Monitoring and maintenance
  • Energy supply and consumption
  • Train control systems
  • Timetable planning
  • Rescheduling
  • Safety and security
  • Railway vehicle dynamics
  • Driverless and automatic train operation
  • Operational planning
  • Systems integration
  • High speed technology
  • Interoperability
  • Computer simulations
  • Multi-modal integration
  • Maglev and advanced technologies
  • Communications and signalling systems
  • Complex systems
  • Freight transport
  • Rail freight transport and logistics
  • Real time economics
  • Fares and prices
  • Monorails
  • Regional and single track lines
  • Track design and maintenance
  • Intelligent railway systems
  • Big data in railway
  • Railways and insurance


Benefits of Attending

Publication of Papers
Papers presented at COMPRAIL 2018 are to be published by WIT Press in a Volume of WIT Transactions. Selected papers will appear in an issue of the International Journal of Transport Development and Integration.

To ensure the quality of our publications, abstracts and papers are peer reviewed by members of the International Scientific Advisory Committee and other experts, with manuscripts processed through CrossRef Similarity Check.

Open Access
WIT Press is an advocate of Open Access which offers maximum dissemination of your work. All WIT Transactions and Journal papers can be downloaded for free from the wit elibrary (

Indexing and Archiving
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Conference Proceedings
At registration delegates will be given copies of the papers presented at the Conference on a USB Flash drive. Following the Conference, delegates will receive an electronic copy of the final publication in which their paper has been published.

Digital Archive
All conference papers are archived online in the WIT eLibrary ( where they are permanently and freely available to the International Scientific Community.

Participants can present their research and interact with experts from around the world, as part of a unique community.

Reduced Fee for PhD Students
The Wessex Institute believes in the importance of encouraging PhD students to present and publish innovative research at its conferences. As a result, the Institute offers PhD students a much reduced conference fee.

*Google Scholar Indexation  WIT Press has made all its conference and journal papers open access in an effort to help its dissemination within the scientific and technical community.

This means that you are now able to download any paper in the WIT eLibrary ( totally free and without having to pre-register.

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You can also easily create within the system an Author’s Profile which helps to highlight your achievements.

Google Scholar is becoming the most popular system in the world and its metrics are independent and unbiased. Unlike other ranking systems, it is free.

Publication of Papers

Papers presented at COMPRAIL 2018 are to be published by WIT press in a Volume of WIT Transactions. Selected papers will appear in an issue of the International Journal of Transport Development and Integration (ISSN: 2058-8305; Digital ISSN: 2058-8313).

All conference papers are archived online in the WIT eLibrary ( where they are permanently and freely available to the international scientific community.

WIT Transactions have since 1993 been publishing exceptional conference papers which are referenced by CrossRef and have been indexed in international databases. All conference books are catalogued and archived in the British Library and American Library of Congress.

Open Access

WIT strongly believes that removing the barrier to research published online will greatly aid progress in all scientific and technical disciplines, as well as all other spheres of knowledge. Most WIT conference and all journal papers are freely available online.



Lisbon is one of the oldest cities in the Europe and predates other European capitals such as London, Paris and Rome. Its compact historic centre means that it is easy to explore through the characteristic narrow and winding streets. The city boasts many museums, squares, towers, gardens and cafes as well as the Castle of St George which overlooks Lisbon in is entirety. The castle, dating back to the 6th Century, is one of the city’s top attractions and visitors able to climb the towers and walk along the walls. Due to its coastal location there are also fantastic beaches where it’s possible to make the most of the warm summer climate.



Venue and Accommodation1. Oriente

The conference will take place at the TRYP Lisboa Oriente. The hotel is located in the heart of the Parque das Naçoes, alongside the ultra-modern transport hub at Gare do Oriente and the Vasco da Gama Bridge (longest bridge in Europe). The hotel is just a few minutes from the centre of the city and 3km from Lisbon International Airport, it is also in the vicinity the Oceanarium, the Vasco da Gama shopping mall, and the marina. It has more than 200 rooms, a fitness centre, a private garage and Free Wi-Fi access throughout the hotel.


Av. D. João II,
Parque das Nações,
1990-083 Lisboa

In order to benefit from the discounted rate offered to our delegates, we recommend that you book your accommodation using the attached accommodation booking form.

Additional Information

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