The academic activities of Wessex Institute are centred on its New Forest campus at Ashurst Lodge. They consist of a series of graduate programmes at Doctoral and Master level, many of which are held in collaboration with other academic institutions all over the world.

Wessex Institute’s Graduate Programmes are supported by funds from different research and industrial organisations as well as from the Wessex Institute Foundation.

The academic success of the Institute can be measured not only by the substantial number of PhDs that have been awarded but also from positions of responsibility in academia and industry obtained by members of the institute. Many have become Full Professors at some of the best UK Universities such as Nottingham, Brunel and London, whilst others are now Professors in Universities within their country of origin. These are major achievements for an independent research institution.

Wessex Institute is proud to retain strong links with the Alumni, who actively collaborate with its activities. This interaction is another way in which WIT promotes the interchange of information.

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