Research visitors, especially those from other countries, may benefit from this programme by attending the Institute for periods of one year or more. During this time they can take advantage of all courses and conferences that are being run by the Institute and carry out a programme of research in collaboration with a senior member of WIT staff.

 How to Apply

Visiting Professors, may benefit from this programme by attending the Institute for periods of one year or more. During this time they can take advantage of all courses and conferences that are being run by the Institute and carry out a programme of research in collaboration with other members of the research team.

 How to Apply

darkocerdicDarko Cerdic

Research at WIT:  “Advanced Transient Analysis of Complex Grounding Systems”

Current Position: Senior Software Developer at Husar, Split, Croatia

I started my master course at the University of Split, Croatia, but it was only when I arrived at WIT that I made real progress with my research. The professors and staff there were really helpful and I would have had a much harder time completing my theses without their support and guidance. The Institute is well equipped and work environment is pleasant and stimulating. Researchers from all over the world are working there and it was a great opportunity for me to meet different people and learn more about their cultures. Since the Institute is located in the New Forest national park I had the possibility to explore and enjoy the beautiful countryside whenever I had some time off from my research. Staying at WIT provided me with an excellent opportunity to improve on my academic and professional skills and spend quality time with great and interesting people.


brunoBruno Natalini

Research at WIT:  “The Boundary Element Dual Reciprocity Method - Multidomain Approach for Solving 3D Potential Problems”

Current Position: Researcher at CONICET (National Council of Scientific and Technological Research), Argentina

I chose WIT for several reasons, but outstanding among them, I will mention two: the well settled prestige of WIT as a research centre on BEM and the assumption, later confirmed, that WIT granted their researchers the proper support that a foreign researcher needs to make their work progress. I spent two years at WIT, followed a year later by a stage of four months.

I cannot say that my stage in the UK was idyllic. I wasn’t there for a holiday, I was there for work, and the work was certainly hard. However, I keep the memory of that time as one of extraordinary excitement. I knew a variety of interesting people of different countries, among whom I keep some very good friends. The area of south England is beautiful, especially the New Forest, where Ashurst Lodge is located. The local population is gentle and friendly, and public services work properly.


todorkaandcarloswebTodorka Samardzioska

Research at WIT:  “Boundary Element Dual Reciprocity Method with Multi Domains for Modelling Fractured Porous Media: Single and Two-Phase Flow and Transport”

Current Position: Assistant Professor in the Department of Mechanics and Strength Materials, Faculty of Civil Engineering, University “Sts. Cyril and Methodius” Skopje, Macedonia

Life at WIT brought positive changes to my life and career. Friends from various parts of the world that I met in England made my stay there unique and an unforgettable experience in every single way. We were studying, working, helping each other, overcoming individual and collective difficulties and discovering together the beauties of England. Ashurst Lodge for me will always remain as one of the most beautiful experiences of my life.



Elena Best36Elena A Yegorova

Research at WIT:  “Hybrid Clustering Method for Fast Content Retrieval in Multimedia Databases”

Current Position: Associate Professor, Kharkov National University of Radio Electronics, Ukraine & Consulting Business Analyst, Scorto Scoring Solutions, Ukraine.

I have received most of my first knowledge in Kharkov National University of Radio Electronics, most of my character in Scorto IT company, and it was WIT where I learnt discipline, planning, organisation and to reach my goals, no matter how scary they might look in the beginning. I will always appreciate that, as WIT will always be the place which gave me the ground for future success, as well as another home where it is always nice to come back to!


Tetyana43bestwebsmallTatyana Chaynikova

Research at WIT:  “A Method for Structurally-Parametric Identification of a Multiple-Factor Estimation Function”

The thing I liked best about my staying at the Wessex Institute of Technology was the wonderful environment of primeval nature that gives optimal conditions for efficient work research. It was a great place to study and to live in. The researchers and staff at WIT are extremely friendly and helpful. The professors are highly skilled as well as cooperating.

It is always important to be open to new experiences when you come to a foreign country and I was given the chance to study and see new places and the culture of the United Kingdom. Besides that I had an opportunity to meet people from all over the world and hear many different experiences.

I would definitely recommend that other international researchers and scientists visit WIT both to work on research and to take part in the conferences that are held by WIT if there is an opportunity.

My research at the Wessex Institute of Technology influenced my career in a positive way.


DSC_0052kTetiana Sakalo

Research at WIT:  “Ontology Modelling for the Information Sharing Processes within the Labour Market”

Current Position: Lecturer at Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics, Ukraine

Wessex Institute of Technology has a very warm atmosphere and helpful staff. WIT has all the necessary conditions for researching and living. I was researching data mining and knowledge discovery and I am very thankful to the highly professional and qualified staff for the profound knowledge I received.

wit_postgradThe academic activities of Wessex Institute are centred on its New Forest campus at Ashurst Lodge. They consist of a series of programmes at Post Doctoral level, many of which are held in collaboration with other academic institutions all over the world.

The academic success of the Institute can be measured not only by the substantial number of past researchers but also from positions of responsibility in academia and industry obtained by members of the institute. Many have become Full Professors at some of the best UK Universities such as Nottingham, Brunel and Imperial College, whilst others are now Professors in Universities within their country of origin. These are major achievements for an independent research institution.

WIT welcomes recently graduated PHD Researchers as well as established Senior academics and Visiting Professors

Wessex Institute is proud to retain strong links with the Alumni, who actively collaborate with its activities. This interaction is another way in which WIT promotes the interchange of information.


The Institute has an equal opportunity policy and welcomes students from every section of the community regardless of background or circumstances and each student’s needs are assessed on an individual basis. To date there have been a limited number of requirements to cater for disabilities but all needs have been met, as and when required. Any specific enquiries regarding special needs should be made to the Academic Director in the first instance.

The Environment
The Wessex Institute of Technology is located in the New Forest National Park. The campus is self-contained and is close to local amenities. Vehicular traffic levels within the campus are low and all buildings are accessible by vehicle, wheelchair and on foot. The maximum distance between buildings is no more than 150 metres. Owing to the size of the Institute and its tradition of friendliness it provides a safe and supportive environment for all.  

The main library of the Institute is located on the ground floor of the Lodge. Although there is no wheelchair access, arrangements can be made for material to be taken from the library for students’ use if required.  

The Campus
The ground floor of each building on campus has areas suitable for wheelchair access, including disabled toilets. Recent campus developments have included new accommodation blocks with wheelchair access at ground floor level with disabled toilets easily accessible. The main lecture theatre also has wheelchair access with disabled toilets. Disabled toilets are located in all key areas of the main buildings on campus.  

Other Services
Local taxi companies provide transport for wheelchair users if required.  

Policies and Procedures
The Institute has the following policies relating to students with disabilities:  
  • Equal Opportunities – The Institute endeavours to provide any disabled student an equal opportunity to pursue their chosen research programme and with appropriate support to succeed in reaching their full academic potential.  
  • Admissions – The Institute welcomes applications from potential students with disabilities and will always discuss specific requirements with individuals as and when required.  
  • Examination and Assessment – As and when required arrangements will be made to ensure examination facilities are appropriate to the needs of individuals with disabilities.  
  • Complaints, grievances and appeals procedures - The Institute has approved procedures for handling complaints from all students.  
  • Monitoring and Evaluation of Support Services - Matters arising in this area are discussed at the monthly Researchers meeting, chaired by the Institute Director.  
  • Staff Development and Training – It is the Institute’s policy to ensure that all staff are made aware of any special needs required by individuals with disabilities.