Professor Carlos Brebbia visited the town of Kalisz in central Poland to give a presentation about the Wessex Institute of Technology and discuss possible future collaboration. The trip was arranged for the Mostlane/Polska construction company which has headquarters in the UK and is carrying out a new residential development in the Kalisz region.

Carlos in poland.jpg

Professor Carlos Brebbia receiving a book describing the region in
which Kalisz is situated from the Mayor.

The rapid growth of Poland in recent years has led to the need to set up modern training and research capabilities. The great human potential of the country, based on an excellent educational system can become the basis for a variety of information-based activities.

WIT can offer the Kalisz region state of the art courses and research programmes as well as the most advanced type of engineering software.

WIT Conferences have started to focus on eastern European EU countries, seeking new locations. This has led to a series of meetings taking place in Prague and Tallinn in 2006. Poland also offers excellent venues for WIT conferences and the possibility of opening new channels of communication for scientists from all over the world.

Carlos met with different authorities during his visit and commented favourably on the warm welcome he received.