Professor Carlos Brebbia
An important delegation recently visited the Wessex Institute of Technology as part of a fact-finding mission.  The delegation comprised 25 senior members of the National Environmental Auditing Office of China, headed by Mr Li Zhanwei, Director of Trade and that Office.  Mr Xue Xinhua, Deputy Director General, Department of Foreign Funding Applications Unit was also part of the Group.

The delegation was welcomed by Professor Carlos Brebbia, Director of WIT, who explained the organisation and function of the Institute.  Professor Brebbia referred to the commitment of WIT to providing a mechanism for knowledge transfer between academia, industry and research organisations, emphasising the importance of transdisciplinary activities and working with different types of partners and stakeholders.  This, Professor Brebbia stressed, is the only way to find long-term solutions in our complex modern world.

Professor Viktor Popov
Professor Brebbia then described some of the projects taking place at WIT in the areas of ecology, environment and pollution management.  The Institute’s commitment is evidenced not only by a series of important projects in these areas but also by the collaboration with Institutions such as the University of Siena in launching special prizes.  The most prestigious of these is the Prigogine Medal in honour of the Nobel Prize Winner, whose influence in the field of ecological system modelling has been crucial to our better understanding of the relationship between man and nature.

Prof Viktor Popov, Head of the Environmental Fluid Mechanics Division at the Institute then described in detail the work carried out by his research group in the field of water pollution, waste and water resources management.  This work, that is being supported by NATO, the EU and other sources, has important applications in surface and groundwater flow management, and the control of pollution.

The delegates were interested in several of the many projects being carried out at WIT and requested more information.  The meeting set up the basis for further collaboration between the National Environmental Audit Office of China and the Wessex Institute of Technology.

Chinese delegation during presentation