The Use of the Multi-domain Dual Reciprocity Method in Fluid Dynamics 

R0100008.jpgWhady Florez Escobar of the School of Engineering Pontificia Bolivariana University of Medellin, Colombia has successfully completed his PhD at WIT.

Whady wrote an outstanding thesis on the use of the Multi-domain Dual Reciprocity Method in Fluid Dynamics. His external examiner Dr Marc Kelmanson from the University of Leeds, commented on the excellence of Whady's work and the presentation of his thesis.

Whady's thesis is the first to appear under a collaborative link programme between WIT and the Pontificia University and the Institute now looks forward to receiving more candidates of such high calibre.

Whady has now returned to his University where he is a member of the staff of the Energy and Thermodynamics Research Group.

The thesis, after editing, is due to appear in the internationally renown series "Topics in Engineering".