Mobile Service-Oriented Systems

oleksandryefanovOleksandr Yefanov, graduated from Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics, Ukraine and has successfully passed his Master’s viva at the Wessex Institute of Technology with his thesis entitled “Mobile Service-Oriented Systems”. The external examiner was Dr Andy Phippen from the University of Plymouth, and the internal examiner was Prof Viktor Popov.

Oleksandr’s research was devoted to the analysis of the service-oriented systems and their application to the mobile devices. In the research a comparison was performed between different web service types and between SOA and distributed systems. Use cases for the system, requirements and a specification were also defined. As a result of the research, a system was created that integrates GPS modules of mobile devices and allows them to be used from a web system and from other mobile devices.

A cloud computing platform increased various properties of the system including performance, scalability and reliability. Special attention was made to the design of the web services in the system as well as client applications for mobile devices.  A series of experiments were performed to estimate the efficiency of the system, which allowed the performance, its reliability and scalability to be analysed from different angles. Experiments proved the efficiency of the solution and its stability.

As a result of his research, both examiners recommended that Oleksandr be awarded the degree Master of Philosophy.

Oleksandr is very grateful to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office for their support.