Advanced Transient Analysis of Complex Grounding Systems

darkocerdic.jpgDarko Cerdic graduated from University of Split, Croatia and has successfully passed his MPhil Viva at WIT with a thesis entitled “Advanced Transient Analysis of Complex Grounding Systems”. The external examiner was Prof Stuart Porter from the University of York and the internal examiner was Prof Alex Galybin.

The object of this work was transient impedance calculation for grounding systems composed of horizontal, vertical and joined horizontal wires. The analysis was carried out in frequency domain, with conversion to the time domain via the inverse Fourier transformation. The current distribution was governed by the homogenous Pocklington integro-differential equation. The excitation in the form of the current source was incorporated into the integral equation scheme through the boundary condition. The influence of the nearby air-earth interface was taken into account by the Fresnell plane wave reflection coefficient appearing within the integro-differential equation kernel. The integro-differential equation was solved by the indirect Galerkin-Bubnov variant of the Boundary Element Method (GB-BEM) which can be also referred to as the Finite Element Method for integral operators. The weak formulation of the problem was used in order to sufficiently treat the quasisingularity problem of the Pocklington IE kernel. The grounding system consisting of the junction of two conductors was a first step towards the full wave analysis of realistic grounding systems of complex geometry composed from horizontal interconnected conductors.

As a result of his research both examiners recommended that Darko be awarded the degree of Master of Philosophy. Darko has now returned to Split, Croatia where he works in the company “Husar” as a Software Architect and a Senior Developer.

Grateful acknowledgement is given to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office for their support.