Applicable to GSM Base Station Antennas 

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Damir Vucicic graduated from the University of Split, Croatia and has recently completed his MPhil at WIT entitled ‘Boundary Element Modelling of Base Station Antenna Systems’. The external examiner was Prof Stuart J Porter, Senior Lecturer in the Department of Electronic Engineering at the University of York. The internal examiner was Dr Andres Peratta, a member of the research staff of WIT. The Foreign Office and Commonwealth Office are gratefully acknowledged for their support.

The objective of this research was to develop an accurate model of a base station antenna system for analysis purposes. The formulation of the problem is based on solving the Pocklington’s integro-differential equation. This equation has been numerically treated by using the weak Galerkin-Bubnov formulation of the Finite Element Method for integro-differential operators (referred to as the indirect Boundary Element Method). The problem of quasi-singularity that occurs due to the second-order differential operator’s influence to the Green’s kernel, has been solved successfully.

In order to present the accuracy of the developed model, the equivalent current distribution, as well as the electric near and far fields, have been calculated and compared to the results obtained using the commercial software NEC Win-Pro and to other results available in appropriate references.

At the end of the viva, a recommendation was given by both examiners that Damir be awarded a Master of Philosophy degree.

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