Human Exposure Assessment to Radiation of Enhanced Peregrine Radar System

_DSC0030Boze Tokic graduated from the University of Split, Croatia, and has successfully passed his MPhil viva at Wessex Institute of Technology with his thesis entitled “Human Exposure Assessment to Radiation of Enhanced Peregrine Radar System”.  His external examiner was Professor Gilbert de Mey from the University of Ghent, Belgium, and the internal examiner was Professor Viktor Popov.

The objective of Boze’s thesis was to develop a realistic radar system radiation diagram model for reconstructing radiation patterns and enabling the assessment of electromagnetic exposure on human bodies. The purpose of this work was to assess the safety distance from the radar system antenna by using the theoretical methods of incident dosimetry. Brief comparison was given in the thesis between these two radar antenna models and used programs. The numerical approach for creating these radar antenna models was based on the Method of Moments.

As a result of his research, both examiners recommended that Boze be awarded the degree of Master of Philosophy.

Grateful acknowledgement is given to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office for their support.