Second Lieutenant Dogour

The Brebbia Foundation instituted a new prize in 2017, awarded annually to the best graduate of the branch of Engineering at the Military College of Argentina (Colegio Militar de la Nación).

The objective of the Brebbia Foundation is to promote advances in sciences and engineering, including training and research. It also aims to encourage new generations to study engineering sciences.

Second Lieutenant Andrés Ignacio Dogour

The 2019 Brebbia Foundation Award was given during the 149th Officer Graduation Ceremony of the Military College. Second Lieutenant Andrés Ignacio Dogour, won the prize for obtaining the best academic marks in the Engineering branch. It was presented to him by the Director of the Military College, General Roberto Agüero.

In a message of appreciation, Second Lieutenant Dogour wrote:

“It is my pleasure to express my gratitude to your organization for the award given to me through the Military College.

I consider such a prize as a great stimulus for the institution since it is a source of motivation for the cadets to increase their knowledge and capacities as military men; and for me also, because it encourages me to go ever further.

To achieve a high-quality education in order to become the best possible leader, great motivation is required. Resources like this are used by students who go through this process to enable them to reach the point where they can make a solid commitment to the army's objectives and our nation.

That is why the attitude shown by your organization is not a small detail, but a significant input for the future Argentinian Junior Officers, and therefore, a contribution to the country that we serve with our lives.”


 Second Lieutenant Dugour Award Presentation