Professor Santiago Hernandez of A Coruña University in Spain and long-standing Member of the Board of Directors of Wessex Institute has received the Distinguished Achievements Medal of the Institute of Civil Engineers of Spain.Santiago1605 half

The Medal is awarded annually to members who have rendered exceptional services to the profession and made an outstanding contribution to the development of the Civil Engineering profession.  It was awarded by the Minister of Justice, Sr Rafael Catalá, with the presence of the Permanent Secretary for Infrastructures, Sr Manuel Niño.

Santiago has collaborated closely with the Wessex Institute since its foundation and continues to interact in diverse research and training activities.  He chairs several important international conferences organised by the Institute in areas ranging from Architectural Heritage to Applied Fluid and Structural Mechanics. 
He has published several books and, in particular, edited WIT Press conference volumes, part of WIT Transactions collection.  Santiago also serves on the Editorial Board of several internal journals, including Computational Methods and Experimental Measurements.

Amongst other books, he is author with members of his research team of an outstanding book on “Bridge Elasticity:
Sensitivity Analysis and Optimal Design”, which presents a wealth of information on the analysis and design of long-span suspended cable-styled bridges.  (WIT Press – ISBN: 978-1-84564-056-9)

Santiago deserves our warmest congratulations on the occasion of having received this important Medal, a just reward for his many accomplishments as a Civil Engineer.

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