Professor Stavros Syngellakis, Adjunct Professor of the Wessex Institute, has been appointed as Joint Series Editor of the book series “Innovation and Discovery in Russian Science and Engineering”, published by Springer. He joins Professor Jerry Connor of MIT, USA, in this role.StavrosSyngellakis

Prof Syngellakis brings to this position a wealth of experience as an Editor, not only of two of the books in this Series, but also of other books and several journals of which he is Editor-in-Chief and a member of the Editorial Boards. In addition, he reviewed many of the proposals for the Series.

Professor Carlos Brebbia established the Series in collaboration with the Ural Federal University (URFU) in Russia. It currently has seven books listed, six of which have already been published, and the seventh is due to appear shortly. The Wessex Institute is eager to pursue and develop this project, following its successful launch and using the considerable contacts and material Prof Brebbia gathered before he left us.

The Wessex Institute has a formal agreement with URFU and this is one of a number of collaborative projects, including conferences and journal publication, that the two institutions have undertaken.