First of all, we at WIT hope you and your families are well amid this pandemic and that the situation in your country will soon return to normal.

As you may be aware, WIT has decided that given the current restrictions to people´s mobility our conferences scheduled for 2020 should not take place in their planned locations, but take place as online events instead. Accepted papers will continue to be published in a volume of the WIT Transactions which are currently Scopus indexed. The publication will be ready two months after the conference, as usual.

The arrangements for the complete set of activities designed by WIT to substitute each of these conferences is explained below:

      1. With the accepted papers, WIT will produce an online programme which will go live on the conference website from the start date of the conference and will be divided into sessions as usual. The programme will include both the final papers and presentations and will be available on our website until the conference eBook is available (approx. 8 weeks after the conference).

        We have put together a set of instructions to help authors prepare their presentation which will be sent to all authors of accepted papers. We encourage authors to include a voice-over of their presentation, and guidance on how to create the voice-over is also included in the instructions.

        Conference delegates will receive a username and password before the start of the meeting to access the online programme. It will be possible to download papers and visualise presentations in any order and as many times as needed.

        Certificates for online participation and presentation will be provided after the event.

        We believe that by making the presentations available on-demand rather than livestream, we are removing issues arising from the difference in time zones or internet access.

        In order to promote discussion, we encourage delegates to include their email address in their presentation so that other delegates can contact them after they see their presentation.

        We hope that this plan will contribute to substantially diminishing the existing limitations to international travel and will provide delegates with the same level of information as in-situ events.

      2. Authors that register for one of these conferences will be able to attend, free of charge, the next conference in the series (or a different conference of their choice devoted to similar topics that takes place prior to that) and if they wish, make an oral presentation of their published paper.

We would like to finish by reiterating our sincere wishes for good health for you and your families.