Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Wessex Institute has followed a strict policy of protecting the safety and wellbeing of our conference delegates while maintaining the objectives of disseminating the advances in scientific knowledge and technology transfer.

The current situation of the pandemic, and the recent political events, has led us to conclude that the time is not yet right to hold our conferences in person, as we had hoped, and we have therefore decided that the best interests of our delegates will be served by holding our next few conferences in virtual format. Accordingly, the Energy Production and Management 2022, BEM/MRM 45 and Sustainable Tourism 2022 conferences scheduled for the week of 25-27 May in Tallinn and the Waste Management and Environmental Impact 2022 and Sustainable Development and planning 2022 conferences scheduled for the week of 7-10 June in Madrid have been transformed into online events. The format will be similar to that used in the 2021 conferences and will facilitate daily networking among the delegates during the Q&A session. Participation fees have been revised to reflect the altered nature of the conferences and those who have already booked will receive a refund.

We hope this announcement provides intending delegates sufficient time to plan their participation in these conferences. We hope that the current circumstances will improve and that the WIT conferences planned for later in the year will be held in person as originally intended.