Dr Jorge Tejada, former consultant UN-Habitat, recently delivered an online Workshop on Urban Observatories: An Interface to Collect Data, Provide Knowledge and Create Reports over three half days to participants from the USA and Canada.

The decision-making process within project development is a critical step that must be nurtured by key data, specific analyses and multifactorial assessment. An observatory, which is an interface to collect data, knowledge and synthesize reports according to specific project data, could play a relevant role in this process. The most valuable asset of an observatory lies in the ability to connect resources that come from different sources, allow a multidisciplinary perspective in the analysis of information, promote multi-stakeholder engagement, provide theoretical and empirical evidence and make it in a systematic way.

Course Sessions

The course consisted of the following sessions (held over three half-days):

  • Observatories – Debriefing
  • Observatories Architecture
  • UN-Urban Observatories-Framework Template
  • Management System
  • Information System
  • Reports & Services
  • From Monitoring to Learning and Capacity Building
  • Technical Assistance to Local Governments
  • Q&A Session


Dr Jorge Diaz
         Dr Jorge Diaz

Dr Jorge Diaz, is an international senior consultant who brings together expertise in urban design and planning, sustainable mobility, computer science, engineering, behavioural science and disaster risk management to analyse distinctive forms and quantities of data relevant to the flows and fabric of future cities.

He is a Researcher and a Policy-Maker from Conceptualization to Implementation. He drives change and builds a vision for responsive built environments, engaging both cross-disciplinary teams and a variety of stakeholders.


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Workshop on Urban Observatories Screenshot