Prof Dragan Poljak and Vicko Doric from the University of Split, Croatia, visited WIT and presented a seminar on TWiNS (Thin Wire Numerical Solver) Package Demonstration.

Dragan talked about the theoretical background on which the code is based, while Vicko carried out the package demonstration. The seminar featured a newly developed TWiNS code for the analysis of wire antenna configurations, developed by D.Poljak, V.Doric and S.Antonijevic, Department of Electronics, University of Split, to be published soon in the book: CAD Design of Wire Antenna Structures by WIT Press.

TWiNS is a software package used for thin-wire configurations in the presence of a two media configuration. The analysis can be undertaken in the frequency domain, or directly in the time domain, consequently the package contains two applications TD-TWiNS and FD-TWiNS, each for its respective domain. Both applications are based on a corresponding variant of the Galerkin Bubnov Indirect Boundary Element Method (GB-IBEM) in the frequency and time domain (also entitled the Finite Element Integral Equation Method – FEIEM). The package is focused primarily on calculation, while graphical representation of the results is of less importance, thus only rudimentary graphical representation is integrated in the package. However, a wide range of options exists to export the results for further processing in foreign applications, if specialised graphical representation or further calculation is required. It is felt that this approach simplifies the usage of the package and allows a greater degree of flexibility for the final user.

The lecture demonstrated the use of the package and some illustrative examples were presented.