Professor Dragan Poljak from the Department of Electronics, University of Split, Croatia presented a special seminar at Ashurst Lodge entitled; Time Domain Measures for the Energy Stored in the Near Field of Wire Antenna Array; referring to the computation of the transient radiated electromagnetic field from a wire antenna array and related time domain energy measures.

Dragan firstly explained the thin wire antenna model in the time domain and than derived the set of space-time dependent Hallen integral equations. This set of integral equations has been numerically solved via Galerkin-Bubnov scheme of the indirect Boundary element method and the current along all wires of the array has been obtained.

The charge density associated with a particular wire is then obtained by applying the equation of continuity.

Finally, the time domain energy measures associated with the currents and charges induced on the elements of multiple straight parallel wires located horizontally above dielectric medium are calculated providing the information on how a conducting object radiates as a function of time.

The assessment of the time domain energy measures involves spatial integration of the squared current and charge along the wires. Both antenna and scattering were analyzed in this lecture.

The lecture ended with a fruitful and very lively discussion related to the possible future research on the subject and particularly to the implementation of isoparametric BEM analysis in order to include not only the straight wire geometries but also curved wires.

As a result of the presentation and defence of the thesis both examiners recommended that he be awarded the degree of Master of Philosophy.