Professor Dragan Poljak from the Department of Electronics, University of Split, Croatia presented a special seminar at Ashurst Lodge entitled; Time Domain Analysis of Electromagnetic Radiation from a Cellular phone; referring to the computation of the radiated electromagnetic field from a cell phone via integral equation method.

Poljak pointed out that this particular problem is by itself threefold and thus includes the calculation of the space–time current along the mobile phone antenna and determination of the generated field around the cell phone.

He firstly explained the thin wire antenna model in the time domain based on the Hallen integral equation. This integral equation has been numerically solved via Galerkin-Bubnov scheme of the indirect Boundary element method and the current along the antenna has been obtained. The field generated by this antenna has been computed using the approximate formula for the tangential field component.

He also referred to some illustrative computational results for the current and the radiated field.

The lecture ended up with a quite long and very lively discussion related to the possible future research on the subject and particularly to the implementation of BEM analysis in order to establish more accurate human body models.