Professor Jose Maria Gutierrez from the Department of Statistics at the University of Cádiz, visited the Lodge and gave a series of lectures on the use of MATLAB as a tool for scientists.

Jose Maria is a graduate in Mathematics and was Dean of the Faculty of Education Science. This led to his interest in the use of computational tools for teaching and research. Wessex Institute has strong links with the University of Cádiz, including a series of visiting scholars, conferences and seminars and other training activities.

Jose Maria referred to several applications of MATLAB, in particular its use for design and simulation of continuous and discrete time systems. The SIMULINK he has developed is an interactive tool for modelling and analysing dynamics, multidomain systems. The user can refine the design – within the MATLAB environment which gives access to an extensive range of analysis and design tools. The module can develop detailed block diagrams and create concise representations of a system. SIMULINK is fully integrated with MATLAB and gives access to the powerful analysis and graphics capabilities of MATLAB, including generating movies.

Jose Maria presented different applications of MATLAB and, in particular, the SIMULINK module.