Dr Pietro Fusco

A Special Seminar was held at Ashurst Lodge on methods for solving large systems of boundary elements equations. The speaker, Dr Pietro Fusco, started by explaining the motivation for the research and the type of solution proposed.

The work is part of the joint project between the Wessex Institute of Technology and the University of Bournemouth which aims to develop better solvers to improve the performance of BEM solutions.

A variety of methods were discussed by the speaker including domain decomposition combined with the use of parallel computing.

Pietro discussed ways in which the solution can be improved by handling the equations in a more efficient manner and developing better interfaces.

Another byproduct of this research project will be the combination of FEM and BEM domains to be able to take advantage of the best properties of each method.

The research will be focused on the solution of practical engineering problems based on the expertise acquired with the Boundary Element Analysis System (BEASY) developed at Ashurst Lodge.