Dr Juergen Jaegar from Lauterbach Verfahrenstechnik, Karlsruhe, presented a seminar at the Lodge on "Numerical and Analytical Solution for Half-Space Contact with Function".

The lecture discussed the general properties for equal and uncoupled load displacement equations to help to understand the frictional effects between elastic bodies in contact. He illustrated the material with analytical examples for half space and thin layers. For the case of dissimilar bodies in contact, analytical solutions exist only for special geometrics and load cases such as plane strain with full slip. The numerical solutions of the problems require a successive correction of the contact area, stick region and slip directions.

Juergen presented a robust algorithm and some examples to demonstrate the convergence of the results obtained with his computer programme. Finally he illustrated the talk with examples for tourism, impact and granular material. The programme developed by Jaegar works on DOS and Windows operating systems.

The lecture was followed with great interest by the audience and a lively discussion ensued.

Juergen has collaborated with WIT in a series of activities in the past, including having participated in the International Conference on Contact Mechanics. It is hoped that his visit will lead to further joint initiatives.