Dr José Carlos Miranda from Tecnologico de Monterrey, Mexico visited WIT to present a short course on ‘Robust Design’.

In this course, tools to robustly design components, products and systems and their manufacturing process were reviewed. The course emphasized the use of Taguchi's Robust Design Technique and the Response Surface Methodology as effective ways to reduce the product design cycle, especially when coupled with computational simulation techniques. Real-life examples were examined to show the applicability of Taguchi's methodology and the use of the Response Surface Methodology to optimize products, components and processes.

Topics covered by the course were:

  • Introduction to the Engineering Design Process
  • Design of Experiments using the Taguchi Method
  • Robust Design
  • Response Surface Methodology

Dr Jose C Miranda is a Mechanical and Electrical Engineer with graduate studies in Mechanical Engineering at Tecnologico de Monterrey in Mexico and a PhD in Computational Mechanics at WIT. Dr. Miranda currently heads the Research Centre for Automotive Mechatronics in Toluca, Mexico and works closely with industry designing and optimizing components, systems and manufacturing processes. Dr Miranda is also author and co-author of several articles presented in international journals and conferences in the areas of Boundary Element Analysis and Product Design and Optimization.