Professor Dragan Poljak of the Department of Electronics, University of Split in Croatia, visited the Lodge recently and gave a seminar on the topic of Boundary Element Modelling of the Human Body Exposed to Electromagnetic Radiation. Professor Dragan has pioneered the use of the Boundary Integral techniques and the wire active model to analyse the time harmonic and transient exposures. His approach uses the Galerkin type Boundary Element Method.

The wire antenna model of the human body exposed to the transient electromagnetic radiation was discussed during his seminar. The direct time domain analysis is based on the human equivalent antenna model originally developed for the purposes of the experimental dosimetry and the time domain Hallen integral equation formulation. The transient current induced in the human body is obtained by solving the Hallen integral equation via the time domain variant of the Galerkin BEM. Transient responses for various exposures were presented by Professor Dragan and discussed during his seminar. The talk was followed by a lively discussion.

Professor Dragan has written a book on the topic to be published shortly by WIT Press, containing software for the Transient Analysis of Wire Structures. The title of the book is "Electromagnetic Modelling of Wire Antenna Structures", available from WIT Press, Ashurst Lodge, Ashurst, Southampton, SO40 7AA, telephone number +44-2380-0293223, fax +44-2380-0292853, E mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..