Dr Paolo Zannetti from The EnviroComp Institute in the USA presented an online course over three half days to a group of participants from Saudi Arabia, Malta and the USA. The course was enhanced by the inclusion of four guest speakers:

  • Prof Nicolas Moussiopoulos, Aristotle University Thessaloniki, Greece
  • Prof Jesse Van Griensven, Lakes Software, Canada
  • Dr Jacques Moussafir, Aria Technologies, France
  • Dr Frank Freedman, EnviroComp Inc, USA

This course was designed for managers and scientists with limited experience in air pollution modelling. All aspects of air pollution were discussed: emissions, atmospheric processes, chemical concentration and deposition impacts, and adverse effects on humans and the environment. Then, in relatively simple terms, attention was given to the available mathematical and numerical methods used to simulate, understand, and predict air pollution phenomena. Finally, the available software tools for simulating air quality matters were presented, including the simulation of meteorological parameters needed for air quality analyses.

Participants learnt about all the major topics and challenges related to air pollution at short, intermediate, and continental scales. Participants also learnt about the availability and proper use of air pollution software and, in particular, the modelling tools recommended by regulatory agencies in North America and Europe. The advantages and limitations of models were also discussed.

Course Topics

The topics covered included:

  • Atmospheric Processes and Air Pollution Meteorology
  • Air Pollutants and their Emissions
  • Atmospheric Dispersion
  • Chemistry, Deposition, Adverse Effects
  • Air Pollution Modelling in Support of Policy Making
  • Review of Available APM Software
  • Fire Plume Modelling
  • Odour Modelling, Indoor Modelling, Visibility Modelling, Receptor Modelling
  • Accidental Releases
  • Modelling of Health Effects
  • High Resolution 3D Building Aware Urban Flow and Dispersion Modelling for Cities


Dr Paolo Zannetti
         Dr Paolo Zannetti

Dr Paolo Zannetti has performed studies and scientific research in environmental sciences for five decades. His activities have covered pure research in the fields of atmospheric sciences and numerical modelling, written publications, seminars and courses, project management, environmental consulting, editorial productions, and expert testimony. His major field of investigation and competence is air pollution. He has written more than 300 publications, and 40+ books and book chapters, including the book “Air Pollution Modeling”, completed in 1990, which was the first comprehensive book in the field and is still today a widely used textbook.

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