Dr Paolo Zannetti from The EnviroComp Institute, USA visited WIT to present a short course entitled Introduction to Air Pollution Modelling. Over a period of two days lectures were presented on the following topics:

  • Air Pollution Problems and Phenomena
  • Air Pollution Meteorology
  • The Gaussian Plume Model
  • Segmented and Puff Models
  • Eulerian Models
  • Lagrangian Particle Models
  • Atmospheric Chemistry and Deposition
  • Long-range and Global Modelling

This 2-day course provided a full description of air pollution phenomena and an introduction to air pollution modelling techniques based upon the use of computers to simulate transport and fate of chemicals in the atmosphere. The course discussed the different emissions of air pollutants, chemical transport, atmospheric diffusion, chemical transformations, and deposition phenomena. The main computer simulation techniques (Gaussian plume models, puff models, grid models, particle models) were discussed and exemplified. Both short-range air quality impacts and long range and global phenomena were presented.

The course discussed the different applications of air pollution models. Applications included the simulation of past scenarios, e.g., in order to understand and assess the effects of accidental releases. Other applications included the use of models for regulatory compliance, industrial and urban planning, and optimization of resources.

Real-time computer simulations were also presented to illustrate the actual computer runs of selected models on a PC. Finally, recommendations were given on the choice of suitable models to simulate different air quality phenomena, in different locations, for different time- and space-scales.

Dr. Paolo Zannetti is one of the leading international experts in air pollution and computer simulation of environmental phenomena. He is the president of EnviroComp Consulting, Inc, a firm specialized in providing consulting support in atmospheric sciences and is also the President of The Envirocomp Institute, a non-profit research group.

Dr Zannetti has studied environmental and air quality issues for more than three decades and has published more than 250 publications, mostly in peer-reviewed literature. He is the author of the first comprehensive textbook on air pollution modelling. Among his several editorial activities, he is founding Editor of the Elsevier journal Environmental Modeling and Software, Editor of the book series Environmental Modeling, and a member of the Editorial Board of Ecological Modelling. Dr Zannetti received his Doctoral Degree in Physics from the University of Padua and was awarded the title of Qualified Environmental Professional (QEP). He has performed environmental research and managed environmental projects throughout his career, specializing in air pollution and environmental modelling and software. His professional experience covers consulting work (at AeroVironment Inc., Monrovia, California; Exponent Failure Analysis Associates Inc., Menlo Park, California; IBM Semea, Milan, Italy; teaching (at the University of Padua, Italy; University of California at Berkeley; Wessex Institute of Technology, Ashurst, UK); research and development (at the IBM Scientific Centers of Venice, Italy; Palo Alto, California and Bergen, Norway; Stanford University, California; ENEL CRTN, Milan, Italy); project management (at the Kuwait Institute of Scientific Research, KISR); and expert testimony.