Professor Dragan Poljak from the University of Split in Croatia gave a special seminar at Ashurst Lodge on "Human interaction with the electromagnetic field radiated from a cellular base station antenna" in which he referred to the problem of communications antennas and the effect of their radiation.

He referred to the way of calculating the intensity of electric fields and the different rules and regulations which apply in different countries. The appropriate calculation of the optimal position for the antennas is of great importance in order to improve communications and minimise the effects on the human body. These radiations can also have important effects on sophisticated medical equipment, producing interference.

Dragan also referred to the effects of the very low frequency fields produced by power lines, in the range of 50 to 60 Hz. This is important in view of the increasing concern that these fields may produce cancer. Dragan has calculated the effect of power lines on the human body using numerical models. The numerical results obtained using analytical, finite differences and boundary element methods were found to be in satisfactory agreement.

Knowing the current distribution, one can calculate the intensity induced in the human body. The values obtained by the proposed model were significantly below those recognised as safe for the general public.

Dragan's research confirms that communication antennas located at the top of the building as well as power lines can be considered safe in accordance with our current knowledge and resulting standards.

The Seminar was followed by a lively discussion related to the intensity and danger of electromagnetic fields.