Electromagnetic-Thermal Modelling of the Human Body

By Prof D Poljak, University of Split, Croatia

Professor Dragan Poljak from the Department of Electronics, University of Split, Croatia presented a special seminar at Ashurst Lodge entitled ”Electromagnetic Thermal Modelling of the Human Body” referring to the electromagnetic-thermal analysis of humans exposed to high frequency electromagnetic radiation.

Poljak pointed out that this particular problem is by itself threefold and thus includes the analysis of the radiation source (incident field dosimetry), electromagnetic analysis of the human body (internal field dosimetry), and thermal modelling of the body.

He firstly explained the ray-tracing algorithm used for incident field dosimetry. Then, he referred to the way of a boundary element calculation of induced currents and fields in the human body. The electromagnetic part of the analysis has been based on the cylindrical human body and on the Pocklington integral equation approach.

He also referred to thermal modelling of the human body that has been carried out via the so-called bio-heat transfer equation. He numerically solved this equation by means of the finite element method.

The most interesting important application of this study is the investigation on the potential biological effects of the base station antenna and mobile phone radiation to the human being.

The lecture ended up with a long and lively discussion related to the current research on the subject and in particular to the inclusion of more accurate models followed by the treatment with sophisticated numerical tools.