Professor Carlos Brebbia, Director of the Wessex Institute of Technology, has received the Computational Mechanics award of the Japanese Society of Mechanical Engineering at a Conference held in Hokkaido, Japan.

Prof Masa Tanaka from Shinshu University introduced Carlos and emphasised his contribution to the field, particularly as the originator of the Boundary Element Method launched by Carlos is 1977.

Carlos thanked Masa for his introduction and recalled his many contacts with Japan. WIT has graduated around 10 PhDs from that country, all of them now in positions of responsibility in academia and industry.

Carlos then gave a keynote address on the topic of Transformation of Domain Integrals reviewing different methods and pointing out directions for the future. Carlos, together with one of his researchers, produced in 1982 the Dual Reciprocity Method and went on to launch the Multiple Reciprocity Method in 1989. His work at the Wessex Institute of Technology (WIT) concentrates now on Boundary Element Research Management and the promoting of scientific and technical activities. WIT has grown considerably in the last few years and is now on the brink of major expansion.