A special short course on the Analysis of Wire Antennas took place recently at the Wessex Institute of Technology. The lecturer was Professor Dragan Poljak from the University of Split in Croatia. His research interests include computational methods in electromagnetics, particularly in the numerical modelling of wire antennas, using both frequency and time domain techniques.

The analysis of radiation and scattering from the thin wire structures is a very important issue in antenna theory and applications. The applications of antenna models are related to transmission lines, lightning protection systems (LPS), grounding systems and the interaction of the human body with the electromagnetic radiation. Moreover, the wire antenna models have a number of applications in the area of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC).

The Course was divided into two main parts. The first part was concerned with the theoretical background and the numerical modelling of the wire antennas using the frequency domain (FD) and the time domain (TD) integral equation method (IEM).

The second part of the course dealt with the solution of various EMC problems by means of the wire antenna theory. The course also included a computer workshop.

The course material has now been published in book form by WIT Press. The volume includes a CD ROM containing a programme developed by the authors for the analysis of electromagnetic modelling of wire antennas.

Author: D. Poljak, University of Split, Croatia

Series: Advances in Electrical and Electronic Engineering

ISBN: 1-85312-895-3, 2001, approx 190 pages + CD-ROM. Approx. £89 or US$ 138