Special Lecures by Dr Volodymyr Naumenko

Dr Volodymyr Naumenko from the G.S. Pisarenko Institute for Problems of Strength (IPS), Ukrainian Academy of Sciences, visited the Institute recently and presented two lectures on "An Innovative Concept of Plane Stress Tearing: Testing and Analysis ".

Dr Naumenko is a leading scientist at IPS, he has a long and distinguished career as an experimentalist in fracture mechanics problems. He graduated from Kiev Polytechnic Institute, obtained PhD and DSc from IPS, where he has been working until now. He is currently head of the laboratory at the institute and a member of the editorial board of the well-known journal “Problemy Prochnosti” (Problems of Strength). During his scientific career he has produced more than 200 technical reports, including a monograph co-authored with academician G.S. Pisarenko, the founder of the IPS.

The Institute for Problems of Strength was established in 1966 on the basis of the Department of Strength at the Institute for Problems of Material Science of the Ac.Sci. of the Ukr.SSR. The main directions of research at IPS include:

  • Strength of ceramic materials under various modes of loading at high temperatures;
  • Strength and hardness of refractory materials in a vacuum at high and low temperatures;
  • Cyclic strength and damping properties of materials used in turbine manufacture;
  • Strength of heat-protective materials used in space engineering.

The institute has unique equipment for experimental studies and has contributed to many investigations sponsored by civil and military companies.

Dr Naumenko outlined the main directions in experimental investigations of fracture processes in brittle and ductile materials at IPS and presented a new approach towards revision of the ductile fracture standards currently based on the Crack Tip Opening Angle concept (CTOA). Based on the experiments with aluminium alloys, he suggested several modifications for the determination of CTOA, which lead to more accurate predictions of critical loads in ductile materials. Dr Naumenko reported numerous experimental results that support his conclusions and formulated some problems that have to be justified theoretically.    

The presentation stimulated great interest from WIT researchers and was followed by a lively discussion.