Webinar on Modelling and Simulating Present and Future Railways

24th March 2021, 9 am to 11 am (GMT)

>Webinar on Modelling and Simulating Present and Future RailwaysOverview

The webinar is intended to present innovative approaches and techniques dedicated to modelling and simulating key issues reported within several strategic areas of present and future railway systems. Four different countries and four distinctive topics have been selected intentionally for this first webinar on such matters.

Webinar Presentations

  • "Long train dynamic simulation by means of a new in-house code"
    M. Magelli, Politecnico Di Torino, Italy

  • "New approach for missing consumption reconstruction and validation of energy-meters data"
    L. M. Alonso, JUNIA, France

  • “Optimising acceleration and braking performance profiles of railway vehicles for the robust operation of ultra-high frequency timetables”
    R. Takagi, Kogakuin University, Japan

  • "Impact of faster freight trains on railway capacity and operational quality"
    J. Geischberger, German Aerospace Center, Germany

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