Webinar on Energy and Sustainability in the Built Environment

23rd February 2022, 2pm to 4pm (GMT)

Webinar on Energy and Sustainability in the Built EnvironmentOverview

Advances in management and technology are helping the transition towards cleaner energy as well as the adoption of strategies for sustainable energy storage and use. Policies promoting efficiency are put in place by legislators, but the challenges presented by their implementation by governments and international organizations must also be addressed. Approaches that would enhance efficiency and facilitate the integration of renewable energy forms into existing infrastructure are current research and development objectives. The contributors to this webinar discuss the above issues in the contexts of circular economy processes, energy-related renovations and zero-energy buildings in both residential and industrial environments.

The webinar will consist of four 20-minute presentations selected among the best papers presented at our 2021 conferences and also include a 30-minute Q&A section at the end for attendees’ questions to be put to the presenters.

Webinar Presentations

The programme included the following presentations:

  • “Implementing the nearly zero-energy buildings notion in industrial facilities”
    Simona Marinelli, University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, Italy

  • “Zero-energy-buildings in cities with different climates and urban densities: energy demand, renewable energy harvest on-site and off-site and total land use for different renewable technologies”
    Udo Dietrich, HafenCity University, Germany

  • “Local governance and network-based policies for housing energy-related renovations: insights from the Portuguese case”
    Maria Isabel Abreu, Polytechnic Institute of Bragança, Portugal

  • “Circular economy concepts applied to waste anaerobic digestion plants”
    Elena Rada, Insubria University of Varese, Italy


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