The aim of this short course over two days is to introduce engineers, consultants and researchers to simplified methods for the analysis and design of structural members subjected to explosive loading in the built environment.

The course will be based around the application of spreadsheet analysis tools (provided) to typical realistic situations with reference to the widely used technical manual UFC 3-340-02(1).

The course will cover elementary concepts of HE blast loading and structural response in the far-field domain and provide participants with an appreciation of the scope and limitations of analytical methods for modelling these types of problems.

Some general background engineering design knowledge is recommended to get the most out of the course.


(1)This is an unclassified document approved for public release (distribution unlimited) that can be downloaded from the web; see


Sessions will be presented on the following topics:

      • General considerations and blast effects
      • Blast loading calculations
      • Single-degree-of-freedom (SDOF) analysis methods
      • Examples using spreadsheet analysis tools
      • Design of structural steel members under blast loading
      • Design of RC structural members under blast loading

The ‘hands-on’ sessions require the use of a Windows-compatible laptop computer, preferably with Microsoft Excel 2010 (or above) installed.


Dr Graham Schleyer
         Dr Graham Schleyer

Dr Graham Schleyer CEng, FIMechE, SFHEA is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Engineering, having worked previously for several years in the gas industry and for shorter periods with leading consultancies in the UK and the US. Over the past 30 years or so he has conducted hundreds of field and laboratory tests on full-size and sub-scale structures involving gas, HE and pressurized air explosions which have provided fundamental insights into the explosion resistance of steel, RC and glazing as well as validation of numerical models and simplified analytical methods.

Dr Schleyer is co-chair of the International Conference ‘High Performance and Optimum Structures and Materials Encompassing Shock and Impact Loading’ (HPSM/OPTI/SUSI) organised by the Wessex Institute. He is a previous Royal Academy of Engineering Global Research Award holder (formerly Engineering Foresight Awards), and has published widely in journals, conference proceedings, and government and industry reports.

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