Applications for the WIT Arts & Sciences Award 2013 are now closed.


Terms and Conditions for the WIT Arts & Sciences Award for young local emerging artists

1 - Goal

2 - Technical Information

3 - The Judging Panel

4 - Prize

5 - Award Ceremony

6 - Application

7 - Conditions of participation

8 - Responsibilities

9 - Agreement


1 – GOAL

As part of its aim to support local community activities, the Wessex Institute of Technology (WIT) invites young emerging artists from the Schools of Fine Arts and Design to participate in the Competition to promote their work and produce a work of art that will become part of our cultural heritage.

The WIT Arts & Sciences Award 2013 will consist of a sculpture competition under the topic Arts meet Science, open to the students of the regional Schools of Fine Arts and Design.

The competition is to design, build and install a bas-relief in a prominent position on a wall section of a sports building of Wessex Institute of Technology as shown below.


Location01     Location05

Click here to download more images and a location map.



Each artist or group of artists may enter one bas-relief constructed with any inorganic material suitable for outdoors

Sound, light, video, mechanical or electrical movement may not be used in the work.

The first step is to present a proposal of the work in any kind of original drawing, photographic or graphic material on A3 format panels max.

The maximum size allowed for the work is: base 3 meters (9ft 10 ⅛ in), depth 0.40 meters (1ft 3 ¾ in), height 2 meters (6ft 6 ¾ in), and of a weight suitable to be fixed to a brick wall.

The winning artist will provide with all the necessary material in order to build, install and exhibit the artwork.



The selection of the bas-relief design will be carried out by a Panel comprising experts and professionals in Contemporary Art and Sciences.

Head of the Panel: Prof. C. A. Brebbia (UK, Director, Wessex Institute of Technology, UK)

The title and theme of the Prize is WIT Arts & Sciences Award 2013

The Judging Panel will select 1 artwork and 2 special awards. Each artist is responsible for covering transportation (round trip) expenses and any insurance costs for the submitted materials and the winning artwork.

All sketches, drawings, images and other graphic materials of the participants will be published in a catalogue by WIT Press™ .



The Prize consists of a medal, diploma and £2000 *

Special awards:

Two special awards -consisting of medal and diploma- will also be given by the Panel**

* the winning artwork will remain WIT‘s property. The prize money should cover the production, assembly delivery and installation of the bas-relief. Please note that all additional costs will be covered by the artist.

** WIT reserves the right to commission and buy any of the works awarded including the two special awards as well.

In case of a discrepancy between the proposal and the final bas-relief, in the opinion of the Judging Panel, WIT reserves the right to cancel any agreement with the artist. This applies to any commissioned work, including first prize and special awards. In case of cancellation of the agreement, the prize may be awarded at the sole discretion of the Panel.

Catalogue publication:

A catalogue of all proposals (sketches, images and other graphic materials) will be published by WIT Press™



There will be an award ceremony during the inauguration of the bas-relief and an exhibition of some of the proposals submitted. The participants will collect their work at the end of the exhibition period. Please note that WIT does not take any responsibility for the return of exhibition materials and submissions.

The opening of the design exhibition, award ceremony and presentation of the sculpture will take place during the annual WIT BBQ on July 14, 2013 in Arshurst Lodge.



On-line application and participation are free of charge. Participants will cover all delivery costs for their submission.


Applications for the WIT Arts & Sciences Award 2013 are now closed.



Application Process:

1. On-line application : deadline January 14, 2013 1200

2. Submission of proposals: deadline January 31, 2013 at 1200. Date and time of application will be taken from postmark.

3. delivery of the completed artwork and on site installation by May 31, 2013


All materials and proposals submitted to the organization must be sent in a sealed envelope or box with an assigned code number. This envelope must contain all the graphic information of the proposed work on a maximum of 5 panels A3 format, title and a description of the art piece (max. 300 words). A second envelope must be attached to the first one containing the following documents:

4. personal information

5. contact

6. supporting letter from the artist’s tutor or mentor

7. curriculum vitae of the artist

Any panel containing any kind of information that can identify the author, risks disqualification from the competition.

*****The code number for each participant will be given by the organisation after on-line registration. The artwork must be done solely by the applicant. The winning artist will be allowed support from additional staff for the installation of their sculpture, with no cost to WIT.



Wessex Institute of Technology (WIT), while guaranteeing the greatest care and custody of the works, will not be liable for any theft, fire or damage to artwork or people that could occur during any stage of the event. Any insurance is the responsibility of the artist. Artists must stay updated about the news of the Prize at The organization will send all relevant communications and any possible changes to this Notice by e-mail. Artists must therefore provide a valid e-mail address, add This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to their e-mail list and check their e-mail frequently.



The decision of the Judging Panel is irrevocable and may not be challenged. The winning artist has the right to decline the prize, but without requesting any kind of compensation from WIT. In that case, the prize will be re-assigned according to the ranking given by the Panel. Each Artist gives to Wessex Institute of Technology and WIT Press™ the rights of reproduction of the works and texts for the Catalogue, the archive of applications, the publication of the artworks on the website of the Prize and other forms of communication and activities of the organization. Each Artist gives to Wessex Institute of Technology and WIT Press ® the authorization to use their personal data according to the Data Protection Act. Participation in the Prize implies the knowledge and complete acceptance of these Regulations.


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