DrDilorom.jpgDr Dilorom Fayzieva recently visited the Wessex Institute of Technology again, following her first visit to the Institute under the auspices of the Royal Society. The intention of this visit to WIT was to establish collaborative projects with the Institute.

Dr Fayzieva is a Senior Researcher at the Institute of Water Problems of the Academy of Sciences in Uzbekistan. She specialises in Environmental Health and has a PhD degree in Medicine from the Research Institute of Sanitation, Hygiene and Occupational Diseases of Uzbekistan.

Dr Fayzieva has worked in many different projects, some of them connected with the Aral Sea, including Operational Research Programme undertaken by the international humanitarian organization "Medicins Sans Frontieres". She has also carried out research on the assessing of population health in the Samarkand and Navoi provinces situated in the basin of the trans-boundary River Zarafshan. The results of this research were presented at the Water Pollution 1999 Conference held in Lemnos, Greece, which was organised by WIT and published in the Water Pollution 2001 Conference Proceedings. Dr Fayzieva's most recent projects with Medicins sans Frontieres are related to Epidemiology Studies in the Aral Sea region and a paper related to this research was presented at the Environmental Health Risk 2001 Conference held in Cardiff.

At the present time she is participating in the following international research projects as an Environmental Health specialist:

  • INTAS -ARAL Project: "Restoration and Management Options for Aquatic and Tugai Ecosystems in the Northern Amudarya Delta/ Karakalpakstan", in collaboration with USF (Environmental Systems Research Institute) of Osnabrueck University, Germany;
  • ZEF/UNESCO Project: "Ecological and Economical Restructuring of Water and Land Use in the Khorezm Region, Uzbekistan", in collaboration with ZEF (Research Development Centre) and Institute of Hygiene of Bonn University, Germany.

The purpose of her recent visit to WIT was in preparation for publication of the book "Environmental Health Research in Central Asia", and organisational aspects of the Environmental Health Risk 2003 Conference, which will take place in Catania, Italy, from September 17th to 19th, 2003.