The Division is a key participant in the EU project SICOM which aims to develop numerical models capable of simulating corrosion in aircraft structures. A number of different types of models covering typical corrosion found in aircraft will be developed and upscaled for application to structural elements of aircraft. The influence of surface treatment on modelling results will be included with regard to inhibitor release from protection systems, role of clad layer and oxide degrading effects. A decision support tool will be established to enable exploitation and implementation of the projectaircraft.jpg results in scientific and technical applications.

SICOM will provide models that will become an essential part of future predictive maintenance concepts to avoid unanticipated and unscheduled maintenance with high costs. Data from monitoring systems and non-destructive inspection can be used as model input. Models output will be utilised for the repair decision process or can supply integrity concepts and hereby fill the gap between monitoring or inspection and calculation of the structural impact of corrosion. Aircraft development costs will be reduced through saving on testing time and quantity. The prediction models can be combined with expert systems and databases for a more efficient and reliable development and selection of materials.