The Wessex Institute of Technology (WIT) provides a link between advanced research and industrial needs. WIT is totally committed to industry, receiving all its income from projects and contracts. The Institute's professional attitude towards project management results in the key issues being addressed, the best methods employed and projects being completed on time and within budget.

Objectives of WIT

  • To work in close partnership with industry and to provide solutions and expertise.
  • To maintain an international reputation for the quality of its research.
  • To provide information on the latest advances through professional development programmes and publications.

Centre of Excellence

  • WIT has a reputation based on solid achievements and is recognised worldwide as a centre of excellence for computational engineering.
  • WIT can offer solutions to improve competitiveness. The type of computer simulation developed at WIT, can significantly improve product design, reduce or eliminate testing and streamline manufacturing processes.
  • The efficient computational methods originally developed at WIT to improve engineering design; also provide the most effective tools to study the impact of environmental problems, as well as there prevention and remediation.
  • The techniques used at WIT can be applied to a diverse range of applications, often resulting in a cheaper, safer and more efficient end product.

Recent Industrial Projects