Carlos_smiling.jpgWessex Institute is the brainchild of Professor Carlos Brebbia, who decided to create it after a long and distinguished academic career.

Carlos was born in Argentina where he completed his first engineering degree. He spent two stimulating years after graduation as part of a small team setting up an Institute of Applied Mechanics. Following this, he registered at Southampton University in England for a higher degree, arranging to carry out his research partly at MIT. This experience, which he found most rewarding, set up the basis for his long and close association with the USA.

After obtaining his PhD at Southampton he worked for the Central Electricity Research Laboratories in the UK, a leading research establishment at the time. He left the Laboratories to take an academic position at Southampton University where he rose from Lecturer to Senior Lecturer and Reader. During his time at Southampton he took leave to become Visiting Professor at many other Universities, including an academic year at Princeton.

After having been appointed Full Professor of Engineering at the University of California, Irvine, he decided to return to the UK to set up Wessex Institute.

Carlos is renown throughout the world as the originator of the Boundary Element Method, a technique that continues to generate important research work at Wessex Institute. He has written many scientific papers and is the author or co-author of thirteen books.

His current interests are in the field of strategic planning and research management and looking after all the activities at Ashurst Lodge to ensure that Wessex Institute and its associated companies continue to grow and develop in the right direction.