Carlos_smiling.jpg Welcome to the Wessex Institute of Technology (WIT).

You will be aware that WIT is internationally recognised for advanced sciences and engineering research and provides an environment in which your capabilities can be fully developed. The rapid advances in sciences require a substantial number of researchers and postdoctoral fellows to be trained. As a WIT trained researcher you will be in demand and be able to fulfil your professional ambitions to a better degree than those who have not been trained in a similar environment.

WIT's reputation is based on solid achievements. Our commitment to advanced research of the highest quality has resulted in a series of innovations emanating from WIT and now being used by industry. It is indeed our close collaboration with other research institutes and industries across the world which differentiates us from other university institutes. We see ourselves as providing a link between academia and industry.

We are fully committed to research and postdoctoral training. This means that our researchers and visitors work in an atmosphere of close collaboration. Researchers at WIT discuss their projects with advisors practically on a daily basis, as research and supervision are the essential functions of our academic staff. Courses and seminars, which are held at frequent intervals, are tailored to the specific needs of the researchers.

WIT achievements have been recognised by industry and other organisations and the Institute is supported by research organisations. This results in our researchers working on projects which are highly valued by industry and business in general.

WIT is amongst the best engineering institutes for research studies and its high reputation is reflected in the number of our researchers who are now in positions of responsibility, in both academia and industry.

The record of high achievement at WIT is testimony to the quality of the work carried out at the institute. Your stay at WIT will give you a unique experience as you will work in an environment that produces the best results and is conducive to highly productive research. You will be able to develop to your full potential in collaboration with our highly qualified staff.

Prof. C.A. Brebbia

Curriculum Vitae of Prof. Brebbia