European Commission, Framework Programme VII (FP7), Nanosciences, Nanotechnologies, Materials and New Production Technologies (NMP)

SONO is a large integrated EC – FP7 project with 17 participating institutions.

Sonoreactors are used industrially for heavy and light duty cleaning, for water disinfection and for sewage treatment. The proposed concept based on one step sonochemical continuous process produces nanoparticles and at the same time impregnates them as antibacterial factors on textile.

WIT provides the modeling support for the design and optimization of the sonoreactors. This is based on the following parts:

  • Modeling acoustic waves in bubbly liquid
  • Modeling of mechanical mixing in the reactor
  • Modeling multiple bubble dynamics
  • Modelling of transport of chemicals in the reactor
  • Modelling of heat transfer in the reactor
  • Optimization of the sonochemical reactor

Effect of bubble volume fraction on the acoustic field

Flow due to mechanical mixing and acoustic streaming

sono_3 sono_4

Modelling of multiple bubble dynamics (on the right – presence of surrounding bubbles influence the direction of jet formation during the bubble collapse)


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