The Institute has an equal opportunity policy and welcomes students from every section of the community regardless of background or circumstances and each student’s needs are assessed on an individual basis. To date there have been a limited number of requirements to cater for disabilities but all needs have been met, as and when required. Any specific enquiries regarding special needs should be made to the Academic Director in the first instance.

The Environment
The Wessex Institute of Technology is located in the New Forest National Park. The campus is self-contained and is close to local amenities. Vehicular traffic levels within the campus are low and all buildings are accessible by vehicle, wheelchair and on foot. The maximum distance between buildings is no more than 150 metres. Owing to the size of the Institute and its tradition of friendliness it provides a safe and supportive environment for all.  

The main library of the Institute is located on the ground floor of the Lodge. Although there is no wheelchair access, arrangements can be made for material to be taken from the library for students’ use if required.  

The Campus
The ground floor of each building on campus has areas suitable for wheelchair access, including disabled toilets. Recent campus developments have included new accommodation blocks with wheelchair access at ground floor level with disabled toilets easily accessible. The main lecture theatre also has wheelchair access with disabled toilets. Disabled toilets are located in all key areas of the main buildings on campus.  

Other Services
Local taxi companies provide transport for wheelchair users if required.  

Policies and Procedures
The Institute has the following policies relating to students with disabilities:  
  • Equal Opportunities – The Institute endeavours to provide any disabled student an equal opportunity to pursue their chosen research programme and with appropriate support to succeed in reaching their full academic potential.  
  • Admissions – The Institute welcomes applications from potential students with disabilities and will always discuss specific requirements with individuals as and when required.  
  • Examination and Assessment – As and when required arrangements will be made to ensure examination facilities are appropriate to the needs of individuals with disabilities.  
  • Complaints, grievances and appeals procedures - The Institute has approved procedures for handling complaints from all students.  
  • Monitoring and Evaluation of Support Services - Matters arising in this area are discussed at the monthly Researchers meeting, chaired by the Institute Director.  
  • Staff Development and Training – It is the Institute’s policy to ensure that all staff are made aware of any special needs required by individuals with disabilities.