Sustainable City 2014

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9th International Conference on Urban Regeneration and Sustainability


23 – 25 September, 2014


Siena, Italy

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 Prigogine Award 2014

The Prigogine Gold Medal 2014 Award Ceremony will take place on Tuesday 23rd September in Siena, Italy. This prestigious event is sponsored by the University of Siena on the occasion of the 9th International Conference on Urban Regeneration and Sustainability (The Sustainable City).

The Prigogine Medal was established in 2004 by the University of Siena and the Wessex Institute of Technology to honour the memory of Professor Ilya Prigogine, Nobel Prize Winner for Chemistry.

 2014 Recipient - Mae-Wan Ho

mae-wan_hoThe recipient of the 2014 Award will be Professor Mae-Wan Ho, founding Director of The Institute of Science in Society, an organisation that provides information about biotechnological issues as well as sustainability, climate change and in particular the nature of water. Professor Ho received a PhD in Biochemistry from Hong Kong University. She was a Post-doctoral Fellow in Biochemical Genetics at the University of California, San Diego; Senior Research Fellow at Queen Elizabeth College, Lecturer in Genetics and Reader in Biology at the Open University, UK.

Professor Ho is the author of several books and Editor of the Journal Science in Society, produced by her Institute. She is a prolific author. Two of her books are prominent in explaining the role of biological water in organising living processes (see “The Rainbow and the Worm, The Physics of Organisms” and “Living Rainbow H20”). She has been extremely productive with nearly 200 scientific papers, over 600 popular articles and several more books.

Special Prigogine Lecture

Circular Thermodynamics of Organisms and Sustainable Systems

The concept of circular thermodynamics of organisms is presented based on dynamic closures in nested space-time domains that enable organisms to approach zero-entropy production simultaneously at equilibrium and far from equilibrium conditions. It confirms and extends Ilya Prigogine’s Principle of Minimum Entropy Production for living systems and has implications for sustainable cities and other built environments as well as ecosystems and economic systems.

To be delivered by Professor Mae-Wan Ho at the Aula Magna, University of Siena, Italy on the morning of Tuesday 23rd September, 2014

 Professor Ilya Prigogine

Prigogine2Ilya Prigogine was born in Moscow in 1917, and obtained his undergraduate and graduate education in chemistry at the Free University in Brussels. He was awarded the Nobel Prize for his contribution to nonequilibrium thermodynamics, particularly the theory of dissipative structures. The main theme of his scientific work was the role of time in the physical sciences and biology. He contributed significantly to the understanding of irreversible processes, particularly in systems far from equilibrium. The results of his work have had profound consequences for understanding biological and ecological systems.

Prigogine’s ideas established the basis for ecological systems research. The Prigogine Medal to honour his memory is awarded annually to a leading scientist in the field of ecological systems. All recipients have been deeply influenced by the work of Prigogine.

Previous Medal Winners

  • 2004 Sven Jorgensen, Denmark
  • 2005 Enzo Tiezzi, Italy
  • 2006 Bernard Patten, USA
  • 2007 Robert Ulanowicz, USA
  • 2008 Ioannis Antoniou, Greece
  • 2009 Emilio del Giudice, Italy
  • 2010 Felix Müller, Germany
  • 2011 Larissa Brizhik, Ukraine
  • 2012 Gerald Pollack, USA
  • 2013 Vladimir Voeikov, Russia

For further information about the Prigogine Awards, please contact Professor Carlos Brebbia at the Wessex Institute of Technology:

Professor Carlos Brebbia
Wessex Institute of Technology
Ashurst Lodge, Ashurst
SO40 7AA, UK
Tel: +44 (0) 238 029 3223
Fax: +44 (0) 238 029 2853
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



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University of Siena, Italy


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Conference Secretariat

Irene Moreno Millan
Wessex Institute
Ashurst Lodge, Ashurst
Southampton, SO40 7AA
Tel: 44 (0) 238 029 3223
Fax: 44 (0) 238 029 2853

Display Facilities

There will be space for organisations to display products, services and literature related to the theme of the conference. Further details are available from the Conference Secretariat above.


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Conference Chairmen

N Marchettini
University of Sienna, Italy

C A Brebbia
Wessex Institute of Technology, UK

R Pulselli
University of Siena, Italy

International Scientific Advisory Committee

M Ali
University of Illinois, USA

R Barelkowski
West-Pomeranian University of Technology / Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland

D Bogunovich
UNITEC, New Zealand
R Brewster
Bond University, Australia

C A Booth
University of the West of England, UK
J Diaz
Eureka, Peru

L B dos Santos Argueta
Federal Fluminense University, Brazil

R Fistola
University of Sannio, Italy

A Furman
Ryerson University, Canada

A Kocabas
Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, Turkey

G Passerini
Università Politecnica delle Marche, Italy

D Poljak
University of Split, Croatia

C Poveda
University of Alberta, Canada 

N Quaranta
National Technological University, Argentina
E C Rada
University of Trento, Italy

R Rojas-Caldelas
Universidad de Autonoma de Baja California, Mexico

F Russo
University of Reggio Calabria, Italy

S Turgut
Yildiz Technical University, Turkey

Y Villacampa
University of Alicante, Spain