Sustainable City 2014

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9th International Conference on Urban Regeneration and Sustainability


23 – 25 September, 2014


Siena, Italy

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Sustainable City 2014

The International Conference on Urban Regeneration and Sustainability addresses all aspects of the urban environment aiming to provide solutions leading towards sustainability. The Sustainable City 2014 conference follows a series of very successful meetings that started in Rio (2000), followed by Segovia (2002), Siena (2004), Tallinn (2006), Skiathos (2008), A Coruña (2010), Ancona (2012) and Kuala Lumpa (2013).

The Conference addresses the multi-disciplinary aspects of urban planning; a result of the increasing size of the cities; the amount of resources and services required and the complexity of modern society.

Most of earth’s population now lives in cities and the process of urbanisation still continues generating many problems deriving from the drift of the population towards them. These problems can be resolved by cities becoming efficient habitats, saving resources in a way that improves the quality and standard of living. The process however, faces a number of major challenges, related to reducing pollution, improving main transportation and infrastructure systems. New urban solutions are required to optimise the use of space and energy resources leading to improvements in the environment, i.e reduction in air, water and soil pollution as well as efficient ways to deal with waste generation. These challenges contribute to the development of social and economic imbalances and require the development of new solutions.

Delegates attending Sustainable City 2014 will be invited to submit an extended version of their paper for possible publication in the International Journal of Sustainable Development and Planning, or the International Journal of Design & Nature and Ecodynamics two of the Journals edited by the Wessex Institute.

Large cities are probably the most complex mechanisms to manage. However, despite such complexity they represent a fertile ground for architects, engineers, city planners, social and political scientists, and other professionals able to conceive new ideas and time them according to technological advances and human requirements.

The challenge of planning sustainable cities lies in considering their dynamics, the exchange of energy and matter, and the function and maintenance of ordered structures directly or indirectly, supplied and maintained by natural systems.



jos_logo.jpg Wessex Institute of Technology, UK
University of Siena, Italy


jos_logo.jpg WIT Transactions on Ecology and the Environment
International Journal of Sustainable Development and Planning
International Journal of Design & Nature and Ecodynamics

Conference Secretariat

Irene Moreno Millan
Wessex Institute
Ashurst Lodge, Ashurst
Southampton, SO40 7AA
Tel: 44 (0) 238 029 3223
Fax: 44 (0) 238 029 2853

Display Facilities

There will be space for organisations to display products, services and literature related to the theme of the conference. Further details are available from the Conference Secretariat above.


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Conference Chairmen

N Marchettini
University of Sienna, Italy

C A Brebbia
Wessex Institute of Technology, UK

R Pulselli
University of Siena, Italy

International Scientific Advisory Committee

M Ali
University of Illinois, USA

R Barelkowski
West-Pomeranian University of Technology / Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland

D Bogunovich
UNITEC, New Zealand
R Brewster
Bond University, Australia

C A Booth
University of the West of England, UK
J Diaz
Eureka, Peru

L B dos Santos Argueta
Federal Fluminense University, Brazil

R Fistola
University of Sannio, Italy

A Furman
Ryerson University, Canada

A Kocabas
Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, Turkey

G Passerini
Università Politecnica delle Marche, Italy

D Poljak
University of Split, Croatia

C Poveda
University of Alberta, Canada 

N Quaranta
National Technological University, Argentina
E C Rada
University of Trento, Italy

R Rojas-Caldelas
Universidad de Autonoma de Baja California, Mexico

F Russo
University of Reggio Calabria, Italy

S Turgut
Yildiz Technical University, Turkey

Y Villacampa
University of Alicante, Spain